Want to improve your property but don’t need someone to manage the project work? Perhaps you know what you want to do, but are uncertain that it’ll work?


Then why not have us visit and give you a helping hand to get you on your way. We can provide you with simply and effective advice that will ensure your plans will work, and your choices will make the best of your property.


Often the function and layout of a space can be hard to decipher. Another area people struggle with is colour. By calling us in to advise you before or during any work, you can be assured you’ll not be wasting any of your precious time making the wrong decisions, or searching for the right products.


If you do need some help along the way, we can also come back and offer more advice, just use us as you need us, either by the hour or on a day rate!


Initial design consultation priced from £175+VAT.

Hourly rate £65+VAT, day rate £450+VAT